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Okay I lied. I came up with a way to post another of these drawings without spoiling anyone. :) 

Here’s Shanton and Guardian High Priestess — who we actually have seen way back in Chapter 4 — and…someone… Anyway, they’re respectively holding the Magician, High Priestess and Empress masks from the Persona games. :) 

The background quote this time is from Metis in The Answer right before that goddamn boss fight against not!MC as she makes a giant hint at the theme of Persona 4. 

The first post with Elysia, Karina, and Lorin.

Another version of the last post that I came up with this morning.

I said I really long time ago (on my personal) that I was gonna do a crossover set of drawings with my girls and their corresponding Shadow Masks from the Persona series. I actually have all 12 ladies drawn on paper, but I can only color and post this one because all the other ones contain spoilers lol.

(Yeah, we know about Shanton and Guardian Strength — whose real name hasn’t been revealed yet — but they’re both in drawings with other characters I can’t talk about yet, so this is all you’re getting!) 

So, here’s Karina/Honey Bell with the Lovers mask, Elysia/Electric Rose with the Chariot mask, and Lorin/Elegant Frost (with her hair down!) with the Justice Mask. :) 

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Fanart of my friend’s comic, The Electric Rose! If you like magical girl stuff, go read it ;) If not…go read it anyway! Also, her Tumblr is here



Everyone go follow my friend/ former roommate! :D As you can tell by the art, she’s awesome!

It still makes me happy I’m not sorry lol. 


I’m quiet today because I’ve been working on comic pages. :) The Chapter intro page + 7 pages will go up on the 8th. :)

I really like Nadine in that last panel. She turned out well.

Way back from Chapter 5. I still really like this page, actually. :)


Um…guys? Project Wonderful works. 

It really works. XD

Those were my stats with Project Wonderful last year. These were my stats 3 days ago without Project Wonderful. 


Now obviously as you can see not every day has the same stats consistently, but man we’ve come a long way. :) 

In progress Persona/Electric Rose crossover. :)


Hey, remember when I told you (a long long time ago) that I’d write about the real reason I did The Electric Rose as my thesis?

I’m doing it now. 

[This has been sitting in my drafts for a long time now. And considering recent news, I feel this may be relevant.]

[Sweet Jesus this post is long, I’m sorry. Also, if you think I said something problematic, please tell me, and I will clarify and/or apologize as necessary.]

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Because something this important about the comic should really go on its blog. Call it a “greatest hit”, lol. 

No update this week! Sorry!

I simply have too much going on right now this week. I really really wanted to go straight into Chapter 14 because I’m tired of having to take a break between nearly every single chapter, however, a family member passed away earlier this week. So I really need to be there for my family, which means no time for thumbnailing, drawing, etc. There’s simply no way I can get up an update this week. 

I did post a birthday drawing for Elysia on the blog though! And there’s something else there too! Please feel free to check it out! :D 

I’ll see you guys with an update on the 21st! And keep an eye on the blog; I may post a drawing or two up if I get some free time! 

Thank you for your patience, as always!